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Welcome to all of you: Agenda and venue of the International Colloquy

In Europe, where we write this letter to you from, summer time is almost finished. The time of long sunny days and holydays for many are almost ended and a new season will start soon. Yet, as you can imagine, the International Secretariat keeps fully busy with the preparation of the coming International Council, and so does the “Colloquy ad-hoc preparation committee” willing to make sure that the colloquy will take place in due time and be the success it deserves.

For the time being it is important to understand well the essential purpose of the Colloquy which is “to activate formers’ networks” everywhere it will be possible - mainly at country, continental and international level. That explains the framework of the agenda which reads as follows:



Participants’ arrival:                foreseen on 23rd of September evening

24 Sept.                                  Introduction of participants

(Among formers)                    Introduction of working sessions and expectations

                                               Direct preparation of the 2 following days


Together with the International Council delegates:

25 Sept. Morning                   Participation to the International Council opening ceremony

Afternoon                               Syntheses of testimonies, convictions, questions

                                               Widening of reflection (contexts and questions)

                                               (by YCW outsiders who know the movement very well)


26 Sept   Morning                  Workshops by continent and at international level

(Using effective, specific and inspiring experiments to plan the future)

Afternoon                               Workshops’ reports back



Participants’ departure           foreseen on the 27-11 morning

With all this said, you all are very welcome

Venue of the colloquy:

HOT Herzogenrath

Schütz-von-Rode-Str./ Ecke (coin) Erkensstr.
52134 Herzogenrath


The address where we will be hosted:


Wiesenstraße 17

D 52134 Herzogenrath

Tel: 0 24 06 / 9558-0

Fax: 0 24 06 / 46 32

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







IYCW International Council 2016

International Colloquy of former YCW leaders 2016